Intelligent Communications

Communicate fluidly

Adopt tools that integrate natively
with your Microsoft products

nümad places intelligent communications with Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, at the heart of your activity. With its experience, nümad helps you reduce costs, improve efficiency and performance by providing solutions and strategies that meet your needs.

With nümad, discover the benefits of intelligent communications platforms by centralizing all collaboration, conference and telephone services
around one single point.

Replace your PBX and remove the strings from the traditional phone. Unleash your workforce by using sharing and communication tools, via Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, from anywhere and from any device.

In addition to Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams expertise, nümad also has skills and knowledge in the areas of IP Telephony and manufacturer-oriented video conferencing solutions.

Would you like to integrate your VoIP system with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams and want to know more?

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