About nümad

Technology with peace of mind

Our mission is simple

We help companies improve the experience of intelligent communications and digital transformation with peace of mind. You concentrate on your activities, and we intervene to enable you to achieve the desired technological changes.

[ne-u-mad] – [newmad]

Origin of the name

nümad refers to the innovation and mobility of our teams. Our experts travel every day to support organizations in their digital transformation. This northern sounding name refers to the peace of mind that nümad provides.

Origin of the logo

The logo, with its ovoid shapes and asymmetrical but balanced structure, is reminiscent of the works of Alexandre Calder, an innovative and inspiring artist who invented a new category of art objects. The blue and soothing colors refer to tranquility and remind us of de-materialized platforms or the Cloud. The superposition of the ovoid shapes represents the first letter of nümad. This overlap also symbolizes the interaction between nümad‘s fields of activity and how nümad carries out multidisciplinary projects.

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